In the past couple years I have been troubleshooting many issues with customers that utilize Box and Dropbox. Both Box and Dropbox are cloud storage solutions that can provide great storage capabilities for the individual or business but can also present a whole slew of issues.

Most people want to know what is happening when they are not home and there are many ways to accomplish this. This article pertains to the different types of video surveillance and what I recommend for home users.  This will not target a specific product but categories of technology available in the surveillance camera realm.

I spend some of my free time looking at future technologies, and I often stumble across home automation.  For the past year or two I have been monitoring home and business lighting.  Wifi and LED technology has allowed for some interesting developments in lighting. Both of the systems below provide event driven lighting, color schemes, and geo-fencing. Geo-fencing, in this application, is the ability for your lights to turn on when they detect you are within a geographical area by using your phone's GPS. Check out the following two companies and their exciting products.


Most brand name desktop computers come with a standard hard drive and it is the slowest performing part for computers. Wwe often have customers in our office with new computers (not made by us) that are running slow or sub par and we have to explain to them that the manufacturer has created a decent computer, but has cheaped out on the hard drive.  This is why we build computers with solid state hard drives.