May - Computer Hardware

During the month of May, our topic will be computer hardware.  This month is dedicated to informing people about the new computer hardware technology that is available or soon to be.

Please read the following articles to learn more!

More and more people are asking me about DDR4 and if it is worth purchasing. I have found that DDR4 does not have enough of a performance increase to warrant a purchase alone.  In order to get DDR4 you will need a new motherboard and processor based on the intel X99 chipset.  

I get asked from time to time about proxy servers and most people have no idea what they are. At a basic level, a proxy server is a middleman for website content. For example, lets say you live in Canada and you are not able to access certain media websites in the USA (such as Netflix) because of licensing restrictions. You can make it seem like you are coming from the USA by using a proxy server that is located in the USA. Your computer sends website requests to the proxy server and then the proxy server relays this request to Netflix. Netflix might not know that the originator is in Canada because the proxy server’s IP address is located in the USA. Netflix’s website server okays the request and sends the content to the proxy and then the proxy passes the content to you (in Canada). But proxy servers can be used for more than this.

Most people have heard the term IP address at some time.  But what is it, and why is it special?  IP stands for Internet Protocol and it is the communication standard for internet enabled devices. An IP address is a 32 bit number that allows a device to communicate through the internet. In order to communicate with the internet you need an IP address.  An IP address, at a basic level, is like a home or business address; it essentially allows people to communicate with you. But this addressing system becomes more complex with internal networks.

The Internet is a core resource for every business now. Most businesses rely heavily on the internet and use it for research, accounting, point-of-sale, phone, and email.  Would your business be down and out if the internet were to turn off?